Feeling kind of down at the moment

I’m a smoker / trying to be an ex-smoker, it’s been 6 days since I last smoked (1/7/19). Still thinking about them ;(.

I first added the MyCommunity, Colostrum-LD, & the Liposomal Vit C last night. I definitely feel like I had a less hard time waking up today even though I woke up between 5 – 6 PM. . .

I’ve had a nocturnal sleeping pattern since childhood which has continually been compounded by my ADHD.

Hopefully I continue to noticeably feel better as time goes on & I buy more products that I think will be helpful, such as Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Dessicated Liver, Niacin, Floraster probiotics
(I’m currently finishing off Ortho 100 Billio CPU Probiotics), Pure Synergy SuperPure Beta 1,3 Glucan, Milk Thistle Seed Capsules, & lastly Liposomal Glutathione Softgels. 

I got the idea to take these supplements from Blog Poster, “Morgellons & Me” & owe all credit to knowing about these supplements / wanting them to him. He refers to himself as “Mr. Admin.”

Hopefully the day gets better. Ugh.

Current Cocktail that allows me to be “functional”

Taking For Morgellons. . .

Now Garlic Oil Capsules 1,000 mg

MRG Derm Supplement from Germany

Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU

Occasionally anti-biotics which include: Malarone, Bactrim & Ceftin. 1x a day when taken.

Ortho 100 billion CPU probiotics


Magnesium Citrate


Bacopa monieri


Host Defense’s MyCommunity Comprehensive Immune Support

Life Extension’s 2/day multi-vitamins

Core Liposomal Vitamin C softgels

Collostrum-LD from Sovereign Laboratories

I just started the MyCommunity, Collostrum L-D, Core Vit C today, Wednesday Jan. 16th, 2019. Will keep this blog posted for how I feel if anything changes positively or negative.

Thanks for reading my newly started “Recovery” Blog! 😊